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Show Chwan(Taiwan) Medical Group is the highly authoritative private hospital in Taiwan, and it points for the Taipei Show Chwan Hospital, Changhua Show ChwanHospital, Chang bin Show Chwan Hospital, Zhushan Show Chwan Hospital, Tainan Municipal Hospital, Kaohsiung Okayama hospital. Not only the system is always in the leading position among the medical beauty industry in Taiwan, but also the large institution who has the professional technology support's team, special products developing ability, comprehensive evaluation before plastic surgery, and postoperative scientific maintenance.

TopShow Medical Cosmetics Center was established in 1997, as the pioneer of the medical cosmetics, Taipei 101 Royal Health Business Co., Ltd. is the only high-tech luxury medical beauty center in the landmark of Taiwan Taipei 101 building.


Although the current medicine has the advanced instruments and elite doctors, the medical cosmetic industry still encountered insurmountable bottleneck: the sensitive and damaged skin caused by the improper maintenance after the plastic surgery or beauty treatment.

The quality of the after-surgery products, even for some international famous brand, will affect the medical treatment according to the different types of the skin. Therefore, combining the clinical experience of specialist and the new science and technology support by Asia minimally invasive Center, the R&D team of the TopShow Cosmetic Group work out the new products for the skin especially for the medical surgery.

In addition, adhere to the idea of "Wish the safe and beauty tour by our efforts could never, ever end", the medical cosmetic brand for daily skin care——ECOONER born in the same period.

The masks and skin-care products by ECOONER are designed for the skin after surgery. To highlight the "simply, convenient and effective" features, you can just do it in your house instead of the professional doctors in the clinical. In fact, it really did it -- "Beauty treatment all by ourselves".

All ECOOENR products are focused on the damaged and sensitive skin. We take the 3D PET material of "Moisturizing Facial Mask" for example, 35 ml essence can be covered in one mask, no matter how you do some sports, it won't leak any liquid; the mask paper coming from Japanese patents can shrinkage according to the temperature of the skin surface and tighten the facial contour. Its perfect shaping effect get many high praise by Taiwan medical community, known as the "Beauty clothes for facial contouring".